Edith is a dynamic and creative company, founded in 2008 by the union of consolidated experiences and professional skills in technological and web communication sector.

It is a young and evolving company, that offers innovative products and services, thanks to a team of experts in IT solutions, design, web marketing and communication.

We provide consultancy and develop solutions for Business Intelligence in leading companies in the pharmaceutical market. By the union of management and strategic skills with software and design capabilities, we propose web and mobile solutions customized on demands and processes of its customers.

We develop services and Web dedicated applications, eLearning platforms, Mobile App for product and activity promotion, digital marketing and web advertising.

Edith listens to its customers, analyzes their needs, designs and develops new solutions.

Build innovative solutions with speed and agility

Today companies need to continually reinvent themselves. We take an innovation-led approach to help clients to reach their goals. We combine our skills to analyze and develop innovative solutions for clients, and to scale them faster to keep obsolescence away.

We provide innumerable services in digital technology consulting, strategy and automated operations to develop your businesses.

There’s always something new that can do your needs well!

Business Intelligence

Web Applications

Android & iOs App

E-Learning develop & consulting

Key Findings

Tech Experience

Consolidated experiences and professional capabilities utilizing a tech-agnostic approach to solve your business needs

Design The Future

We help You to determine the right combination of technologies for your business with the emerging tech of tomorrow

Advanced Data Analysis

Management and strategic skills in business intelligence accompanied with ad-hoc applications


We can always improve, so we never stop! We're continuing the technological universe exploration

Fast Operating

Increased focus on goals by highest personalisations supported by a fast development team

New Idea

Troubles can be always an opportunity to reinvent new business strategies with the help of technology

Our experience in technology services will help transform your business through the implementation of new web and mobile apps, automated processes of elaboration data, platforms and tech.

Countless methodologies and processes, advanced analytics and development to quickly and creatively improve your business goals.

  • Business Intelligence Applications
  • Big Data Automations
  • Advanced Web Based Applications
  • Android & iOs Applications
  • E-Learning Custom Services
  • Data Analysis With Artificial Intelligence
  • Ad-Hoc Software as a Services Solutions
  • IoT Implementation and Challenges
  • Technology sector consultancy
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